Final Story – PDF


This is the PDF version of the Final Story Obituary Planner.



This fillable PDF download of The Final Story Obituary Planner, like the book version,  is a handy guide to help you prepare your obituary in draft form and ease the burden on your loved ones later!
The planner also offers tips on how to write a Final Story personal essay. Once the planner is completed with information about your life, experiences and achievements, it becomes a useful reference for creating a fitting eulogy or memorial tribute and a resourceful document for family history and genealogical use.

The planner contents are: ~Step-by-step instructions for writing a high-quality obituary draft.
~ Formatted guide sheets to help organize the writing.
~ Notations and checklist for a designated person to follow at the appropriate time.
~Fill-in forms to collect and preserve personal and family information.
~Tips on writing a Final Story personal essay.

Once you complete the planner, you will have:
~An obituary draft written in a style that makes it easy for a loved one to complete the final part with efficiency and less stress.
~A model to share and encourage family members to prepare their own obituary drafts.
~ A resourceful document with an accurate record of your personal history.

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