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Guide in giving birth to the power of writing to transform  

Linda Jones
Your Writing Doula

        As writing doula, I help clients give birth to their creativity and authenticity and discover the transformative power of their words. My support method encourages storytelling, legacy keeping and writing as a healing modality.
        My work is informed by my experience as an award-winning journalist, grief recovery specialist, mindfulness practitioner, performance artist and therapeutic writing coach.  My transformative expeditions are designed to help you thrive.

       "You gave me a way to process my thoughts first and then write them down.  You gave me the leverage to feel that I did not have to speak outside my own vocabulary to get my point across." 
                                      ~Michelle Gibson, New Orleans/Dallas

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Writer, transformational coach
Creator of...

Rebirth Writing Experience 
Transformational coaching series that combines, expressive writing to navigate grief & emotional distress. Group & private sessions.
(Visit Rebirth page) 

Legacy Writing Course

Teaching African Americans to become “legacy keepers," by writing their own life stories and sharing wisdom narratives for posterity. The online course is recorded and can be taken on demand.
Linda also conducts legacy writing courses in person and on Zoom for individuals and organizations by appointment.
(Visit Afrobituary page)

Writing for wellness coaching series
Possess the mood stabilizing tools to help you get unstuck, manage grief and keep the blues at bay.

I hold several group sessions annually or you can book a private or group workshop with me at any time. 

Six weekly coaching sessions to guide you through a series of evidence-based, non-academic, expressive writing techniques to help you feel better so that you can thrive.
See the Rebirth page for course breakdown.

Book a pre-enrollment call for June 8 session!

Upcoming Events

Writing Doula engagements; creative events




JAZZ NOTES CAFE - Monthly Writing Salon
Every third Wednesday 

6 pm-9 pm

Soiree Coffee Bar, 320 Singleton Ave. Ste 190

Dallas, Texas 




Rebirth in the Clearing - Rest Retreat for Black Women

Register here

Blackland Ranch

445 Fm 71, Commerce, Texas




Achieving Zen with your Pen

with The Writing Doula  2 pm - 4 pm

The Writer's Garret

Dallas, Texas

"I need for you to read this over right quick!"

       Are you unsure about the document you just finished writing and need someone to give it a professional read-through before you submit it for that grant, college admission, employment or other revenue-generating opportunity you are trying to get?
      I can help you with that. My services include quick and thorough reviews of short pieces, such as essays, or longer documents, such as proposals and book manuscripts.

  Legacy Writing & Storytelling

Guidance on journaling, legacy and creative writing, narratives & essays. 

Watch the Atlanta Black Star video interview with Linda Jones about her course, Afrobituary Legacy Writing

Watch The Video

Writing Doula blog post:
Find out how your family history can hold a key to your identity. 

Read more

Book the Writing Doula as your Family Scribes game leader and storytelling guide!

Allow me to lead the legacy games at your next reunion or family gathering--drawing from the activities in my book "Family Scribes: Writing Memories from your Family Tree!" I will lead the games in person or via Zoom.
CONTACT ME for booking information.
Kudos from a Dallas family:

"The men in this house hesitated at the thought of having to write, but not even 5 minutes into the first game, they were writing one-page responses, racing against the 5 min timer! We played a few rounds. Linda may have intended to be with (us) for an hour, but it got so good that before we all knew it, 9 p.m. passed us by! Make the purchase. We did!"
Twymeika 'Jendayi' Hill-Jones,
Dallas, Texas

Purchase Family Scribes 

On Writing to Heal

The Writing Doula discusses the healing and transformative power of writing with Detroit writing expert and publisher Elizabeth Ann Atkins.

Sampling of employers and clients I have provided services for:

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My Client Testimonials

What our customers write about us


"Linda, not sure if you knew, but (name omitted) was 20-plus years old, recovering sex addict and former drug abuser He came to our church as a recovery sinner and was unconditionally loved by us as a child of God. I cannot say enough good things about your workshop as it helped him prepare for his death and left a written legacy for his mom who cherishes it dearly. In that day, we found the face of God in you and your magic."

 L.V. Mason
Dallas, Texas


"Linda Jones was an absolute wonder to work with and I was honored to have her help in bringing my manuscript to life. She took the time to provide a detailed review of my work, gave concrete suggestions and examples and made me feel like she was a "partner" in my success. This was the first time I felt as though an editor took the time to really get "into" my work and her plain-spoken manner really helped me to see how to improve my writing."

Lurie Daniel Favors, social justice attorney, talk show host,
Brooklyn, New York


"Sometimes all it takes is one sentence to change a person's life. You did that for me." 

Lisa Rachelle Spencer, management consultant, Dallas, Texas

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