Rebirth Writing Experience

The Rebirth Writing Experience

Do you feel mentally and emotionally depleted? Is grief or depression affecting your ability to function and stealing your joy?
Are you feeling off-balance or diminished and insecure?
You do not deserve to be unhappy and ailing.  I can provide you some creative and effective tools to help you feel better so that you can be happy and thrive.
Join me on a creative and transformational expedition called the Rebirth Writing Experience. With RWE, I have combined my experience as an award-winning news journalist, social and emotional writing instructor, trauma-informed interviewer, certified grief recovery specialist and performance artist, to curate a six-week journey of healing through writing and creative expressions.  As your writing doula, I will show you how to give birth to the healing power of deep journaling, creativity and evidence-based expressive writing that will help you release, recover and be solidly empowered to reclaim your peace!


Arrange for 6-weekly group coaching sessions or private, one-on-one  sessions via Zoom.

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Writing to reclaim peace

If you feel as depleted as a neglected garden, this course will help you root out the negative energy that is stunting your emotional growth.
Rebirth takes you through four recovery phases that involves expressive writing and mindfulness practices.

Rebirth Phases I & II
EgoTrippin' & Pain Purging

I.  Identity appreciation.  Focusing on unapologetic immersion in affirmative language and self-celebration.
II.  Purging pain
Conceding pain points, discerning 'good' grief and writing through the rest.

Rebirth Phase III
Creative & Poetic Approaches

Restorative, aspirational writing practices. Engaging in uninhibited expressions independent of external judgment or any outside gaze.

Rebirth Phase IV
Dispensary & Penscriptions!

You will walk away with a robust dispensary of replenishing writing approaches to and will be able to write your own penscription for a writing and self-care practice that best supports your mental and emotional well-being.



"I came into the Rebirth Writing Experience with lack of confidence and fear of rejection of my abilities as a writer. I not only finished with a newfound confidence, but I also had tools to help improve my quality of life." 

Veronica Robertson, Austin, Texas


"I cannot express how healing this class was for me and my classmates. I didn’t know anyone in the beginning, but by the end, we kind of understood each other’s pain in an expressive creative way." 

Sharon Varner,
Dallas, Texas


"This course provided a simple way for me to learn how to communicate with myself." 

Michael Taylor
Houston, Texas

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